We focus in User Experience and Interface Design for Digital Products

We work with processes like User Centered Design and Evidence-Based Design, where decisions are grounded in rational methodology and meticulous data review. We apply our expertise on mobile apps (iOS, Android and others), the web and native applications, focusing on B2B and Enterprise SaaS industries.


Research allows us to understand the complexity of the problem we face. With user research we can understand and gather the user behaviours, needs and motivations to improve the usability of products.


Through User Experience methodologies we reduce development inefficiencies and costs. We focus on maximising usability and user experience, communicating clearly and simply in your user's language.

Prototyping & Testing

Creating prototypes puts a proposed solution into action: We do Interactive prototypes to implement usability testing into the early stages of software development to gather both metrics-based and subjective user feedback.

Brand Identity

We are experienced in everything that makes an effective brand for a product: from logo to branded assets and corporate style.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
— Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover


User Experience and Interface Design to Improve the Workplace

Ameeba aka amoeba is a type of cell that has the ability to alter its shape, moving by means. Like an ameeba, we move by means. We are paixonate about digital design and experiences and want to ensure that our work has a meaningful impact in users.

We bring years of experience from our work with industry leaders to deliver smart solutions that make Enterprise Software and B2B Products great.

The most effective way to drive engagement and loyalty for your business is to have a high quality experience. The more cohesive and meaningful the user experience, the more customers / employees are willing to engage and form a relationship with a product.



We collaborate with companies shaping their Digital Products

From a product concept to research, ideation, prototyping and testing: all stages are considered to ensure your product has a meaningful impact in your users.


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