we design tools
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We are paixonate about digital design and experiences and want to ensure that our work has a meaningful impact in users.
Ameeba aka amoeba is a type of cell that has the ability to alter its shape, moving by means.
Like an ameeba, we move by means.
Ameeba Shapes has been on the market since 2018, with a team that brings +10 years of experience from work with industry leaders to deliver smart solutions that make Enterprise Software and B2B Products great.
What we do
Prototyping & Testing
Web & Mobile Design
UX & UI Design
Native & Hybrid Apps
Design systems
Interactive prototypes
User testing
Product Identity
Brand identity
Product Guidelines
Digital illustration
Not all projects are presented here, most of them, alas, are under NDA. Too bad, but that's part of the job.
Highlights from 2018 to 2022: selected projects we are proud of
Worten Winners
My Bag
Follow Your Bag
Airport Planning Inquiry
What we bring to your business
Why we focus on B2B?
Reduce development inefficiencies and costs
Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover
Business-to-business products thrive in complexity. Our mission is to uncomplicate what is made to facilitate a company's operation. We focus on making tools that are easy to use despite their complexity, and how efficient is the tool itself.
Defining usability requirements up front, we avoid re-work and reduce deadlocks.

You can meet your company's operation and your employees exact needs and release products that are a joy to work with.
"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design."
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Adil Mohammed
The level of professionalism, creativity and input that Ameeba team provided is beyond par. We love how our products look, and so do our clients and its all due to the amazing UI/UX work done by Ameeba team.
Founder & CEO in Virtuoso / SpotQA
Ismael Pacheco
Working with Ameeba is synonymous of excellence. There is always a positive perspective in the search of the best solution, perfectly combining design, usability and business!
Co-Founder in Out of Limits
Manuel Pimenta
The folks from Ameeba took our ideas and concepts and transformed them into viable user experiences. It was like watching your mind come to life, but with better UI.
Lead Gamification Designer in Fractal Mind
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Lisbon, Portugal