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UX Design . UI Design
Shop better, live better
Your shopping assistant for a conscious lifestyle. Gain full transparency over the ingredients in your food, drinks and cosmetics.

Our task was to redesign the experience and interface design of the mobile native apps (iOS and Android), improving the users engagement and boosting implementation through a design system.
Shop better, live better
Winners is an online platform for managing, boosting and motivating store employees, supporting and encouraging them to achieve individual goals and better team performance.

Our task was to redesign the experience and interface design of the mobile native apps (iOS and Android), improving the users engagement and boosting implementation through a design system.

Understanding the problem
  • 1
    Poor user experience in core features
    Core features like understanding the product information after scaenning was confused.
  • 2
    Poor interface design
    The interface design was inconsistent making the product hard to use.
  • 3
    Lack of guidelines
    The implementation team was having a hard time to develop the front-end without proper guidelines and a design system.

Design, test, design, test...
Ameeba and Codecheck team worked closely to understand the current users pains. We've made multiple interviews and surveys, created profiles and analysed the all information we colleted from and with the existing users.
Check ingredients
Use the CodeCheck app to scan the barcode of products while shopping. The app quickly analyzes the product's ingredients and nutritional information.

CodeCheck simplifies the process of making informed choices about the products you buy, helping you prioritize health and wellness in your shopping decisions.
Personalize your experience
Adjust ratings to your preferences area to personalize your experience. Customize the app to align with your specific health and dietary priorities, ensuring that product ratings reflect what matters most to you. This feature empowers users to make informed choices that resonate with their individual needs and values.
Monitor the overall healthiness of your shopping habits
The app allows you to track your purchases and monitor the overall healthiness of your shopping habits. You can maintain a personalized list of approved products or receive recommendations for healthier alternatives.
Tailored content
The CodeCheck newsfeed provides a curated stream of informative content tailored to your health and wellness interests. Stay updated with the latest articles, tips, and trends related to sustainable living, clean eating, and product insights. Discover new ways to prioritize your well-being and make informed choices while browsing through the engaging and educational content.
Light & Dark Modes
Light and Dark Modes enhances user experience by providing flexibility in visual preferences.
Light Mode offers a clean and classic interface, ideal for bright environments and readability. In contrast, Dark Mode reduces eye strain in low-light conditions and gives a sleek, modern look. Users can seamlessly switch between modes based on their environment or personal preference, ensuring comfort and usability across diverse contexts.
Codecheck Design System
The design system was crafted to promote best practices in design, offering clear guidance to designers and developers on adopting specific principles. This includes enhancing efficiency and maintaining consistency, all while respecting the brand identity and product ecosystem.
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